Dynaudio was founded in 1977 and still strives for “Authentic Fidelity”: a natural, realistic and dynamic sound reproduction. Dynaudio grew from a small nice player to a world wide renowned speaker produces with a large audience: starting from the music lover on a limited budget to the most demanding enthusiast. In the meantime the company also made agreements with car manufacture (eg the VAG-group) and computer manufacturers to build in Dynaudio speakers.

The speakers were very neatly delivered by IHT Service. They were packaged in tailor made wooden boxes in order to optimally protect the speakers during transport from Denmark to their final destination.

A lot of attention and care was given to the finish of the cabinets. The Confidence series consists of the C1, C2, C4 and the Center speaker. Sufficient amount of choice to create the ideal surround system. The Dynaudio range also houses several subwoofers for additional low end.

Dynaudio Confidence C2
During this test I used the C2 in stereo, without subwoofer. I was highly impressed by the C4 shown at the New Music event in Brussels in the end of 2009, so I was interested in the performances of the smaller C2 version. Siltech took care of the cabling (Classic Anniversary series) which turned out to be a very good match.

The C2 uses like it’s bigger brother C4 the DDC technology. DDC stands for Dynaudio Directivity Control, which reduces sound reflections on the floor and ceiling, and thus also reduces the accompanying minimal time differences. This results in a more realistic sound reproduction. In practice the units are vertically symmetrically mounted and carefully matched to each other and the crossover network. This placement gives a very controlled vertical spread of the sound. If you are seated, the tweeters are perfectly at ear level.

The solution works: the C2 does not appear to be too difficult to position in about every space. Looking at the reflex port at the back it does like a bit of room around itself to be able to properly “breath” (50 to 70cm from the back wall is ideal). I positioned the speakers about 2,20 meters from each other, slightly toed in. The listening distance was 3,60 to 4 meters. Even at 9 metres they still managed to provide sufficient pressure. The C2’s were equipped with the optional Soundcare Superspikes.

Next to the fact they don’t scratch the floor, they also offer better low end control and extra decoupling in the listening room. The speakers spent quite some time in my listening room, and did never force themselves upon me. For some of my fellow inhabitants the design of the front needed some getting used too. The speakers remind me visually of the The Scream by Edvard Munch.

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