In the middle regions of the AV market there is a fierce battle going on. Nice design, functionality, reliability and performance must now fit into a device. Many features must come in a small case because otherwise you have no more right to exist. The consumers right is to be critical and want as much quality for their hard-earned cash. Competing brands such as Pioneer, Harman Kardon, Marantz, Denon, NAD, Yamaha and Onkyo take a nice piece of this market here. Onkyo has put a few AV receivers in the market with the TX-NR535 and TX-NR636 in which one excels in its pricing across the technical performance and the other has a more comprehensive package of functionality and a clear musical value. Onkyo has been on the forefront of the AV scene. For the older reader I do not need to tell more, but for the curious newcomers this is a warning. Onkyo dominated in 1970 and 1980 and was highly regarded by his legendary Integra series. Furthermore, in the 90s, the focus was mainly on strengthening Home Cinema. Onkyo was a competitor for Pioneer, Harman Kardon, Marantz and Sansui because the Japanese managed to set a sound and idiosyncratic sound. Onkyo has spent the last 30 years, acquiring a reputation by continuously releasing innovative and quality products. Expect no immediate wow factor from Onkyo in appearance but their wealth is not on the outside of the product, but deep in the heart and the philosophy of each product.

Features of Onkyo TX-NR535 & TX-NR636

Onkyo TX-NR535
With the TX-NR535 you buy a well-equipped AV receiver, designed and manufactured for a standard installation Home Cinema. 5 speaker outputs each providing 100W (Real Power as Onkyo calls it) and two subwoofer outputs so you can quite quickly get started with your home theater sound system. 6 HDMI inputs and one output that effortlessly gives 60Hz 4K (Ultra HD) support and passage. The beauty of the Onkyo devices is their network capability. By default there is integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but you can also easily connect your wired network. And once connected you will gain the Internet connection, you get a lot of extra features such as Spotify, Deezer, Tune In, Pandora and Aupeo, DLNA can also be easily supported. The Onkyo app and Spotify connect you allowing you to control the gears smoothly. Furthermore, there is an FM-AM radio on board and you can expand with a TX-NR535 zone via the pre-outs of Zone 2. You must then use the additional amplifier that is on there. USB supports Wav en Flac in the highest resolution (Hi-Res Audio up to 192 kHz – 24bit). You can also setup the Onkyo TX-NR535 through the setup microphone and unique AccuEQ Room Calibration. In short, the TX-NR535 is richly appointed and equipped with the latest technology.

Onkyo TX-NR636
The TX-NR636 goes one step further. It offers a 7.2 setup and this at 160W / channel (!!!). It has seven HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs and they support full 4K UltraHD 60Hz / HDCP2.2. Setting up the TX-NR636 in any room goes a step further because it is equipped with the Onkyo AccuEQ Room Calibration system. The receiver also has an additional noise zone (Zone 2) on board and it is equipped with an internal amplifier. The Zone 2 can be transformed into an additional stereo amplifier for front channel speakers so you can bi-amp if they allow it. Finally, for the real hi-fi enthusiast there is a turntable connection so that the Onkyo TX-NR636 is a complete and very affordable AV receiver for every living room.

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